All People


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We are living through a historical moment in time, the entire globe is threatened by a malicious virus. Never has it been more evident how deeply interconnected we all are. Our Oneness appears to be non-negotiable. Not only is the virus all pervasive but our collective fear is highly transferable too, even if you don’t feel personally at risk you still have access to an empathetic tight chest and shallow breathing. 

New buzz phrases have emerged like “physical distancing”, in an effort to keep us from the close contact that could be our demise. I’d never heard the word “pandemic” (from Greek ~ Pandemos “all people”) until this year, 2020, even though the internet has been keeping us globally united for decades now. 

We are literally living through a monumental moment in time that no one will come out of unchanged, I actually feel we are being uplevelled by this. There is suffering for sure, the buddha promised it would be that way, but to remember the impermanence of that too. When we come out the other side of this we will hold each other tightly, we will live within our means, we will savour the salt water we’ve been temporarily banned from. Nothing for granted. Everything precious and the mundane magic. 


I’ve been teaching yoga the last 7 years and one of the most nourishing aspects of a class, for teacher and student alike I believe, is the contact. Not only the caring smiles that welcome them, the company of others moving and breathing in synchronicity, but the physical contact of supporting or aligning my students in the postures. For the weeks before we went into “isolation” (ironically a time that has bonded us more deeply than ever), I was trying to hold my own hands behind my back to break the habit of supportive touch. I truly miss that component of class however it’s made the on-screen, live streamed, smiles of each face pre and post practice pure gold. When we limit one avenue of connection it inspires creativity, depth and in fact simplicity gets elevated to the prized position it deserves.

I see you, possibly the simplest and greatest gift we can offer each other.

Now and always.