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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


I recently found myself fortunate enough to have the time and means to complete the yoga teacher training at Sukha Mukha yoga in Bronte. The yogic journey and indeed the TT journey is a very personal one and for each of us that arrived that first Thursday morning full of excitement and curiosity a shift was experienced, for some a subtle change and for others a complete transformation.
From the first opening circle where we introduced ourselves and offered insights into what lead us there to the final closing circle where we laughed, cried and supported each other as we reflected on how far we’d come, the walls of this warm, happy and open space saw it all. I think for most of us we didn’t have a specific reason for being there just an instinct that it was exactly where we were meant to be.
We quickly labelled our 1 day a week together as ‘feel good Thursdays’ and we looked forward to that day through the other 6. I have developed strong connections with teachers and peers that I am confident will carry on for this lifetime at least and the beautiful part about this training is it doesn’t really end. It’s not so much the lessons we’ve learned on the mat but a new way of looking at every aspect of our lives. These foundations just plant the seed for all possibility and we go forward now even more excited and curious than that first feel good Thursday 6 months ago.
Apart from a beautifully friendly studio that we are welcome to practice in any day of the week Sukha Mukha also offers courses and workshops continuously so it’s just a matter of which one next or how many can I fit in?
If you have ever toyed with the idea of doing a teacher training program my advice would be – do it!! Whether you decide to actually teach from there is irrelevant, the deepening of your practice is enough and the expansion of the mind is like travelling the world with no limitations except your own imagination.

There is a light ignited within me, the same light that burns in you and the yoga journey brings realisation that they are one and the same. In discovering this there is no distance or difference between any being, that brings me great peace of mind, that to me is yoga.