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I slept like a baby last night. I was quite tired by the evening and I had a big lunch around 3pm so just had a light snack at 6pm meaning my digestive system was taking it easy by 9.30pm when I got into bed. Giving my other systems quality time to work their magic overnight.
When my alarm sounded at 5.30am I was still deep in that slumber but I didn’t have any trouble rising.
Martine sensed a bit of lethargy in the room this morning so took us all through a gentle sequence of heart and spine opening. This lower energy feeling is quite common around day 3 of a detox and we’re learning the most important part of resetting the body is to slow down and rest when you need to. I particularly loved a simple stretch we did on our backs with the arms extended above the head and curving the body into a banana shape – it feels amazing to open up the side body like that and is a terrific way to stimulate the lymphatic system, and the upper organs (lungs, heart, liver, stomach).
Our homework for today, besides journaling, is to plan our next holiday. Great task for me as it was part of yesterday’s bucket list and I do love to get organised ahead of time.
So on that note, here is my plan for 4 lovely days I will be spending with my sister in Tasmania this April:

  • Leave Sydney the morning of Monday 14th April arriving in Hobart around midday.
  • Behave like ladies
  • explore Hobart, I am particularly excited to visit:
  • MONA museum of old & new art
  • A day trip to the Huon Trail looks delightful!
  • I found lots of other great ideas here http://www.mona.net.au/tasmanian-attractions
  • I just love cafe hopping and watching the world go by from my table, pretending I’m a local, we’ll hopefully sample the local vegie cuisine (Pulp Friction sounds fun)
  • Then I thought we would hire a car and drive to Launceston, exploring such sights as:
  • Bridestowe Lavender Farm it’s probably not the best time of year to see the lavender flowering but don’t the pictures on that site look magical!!
  •  The Tamar Valley wine region (just for 1/2 a glass of a beautiful pinot noir)
  • Flying out of Launceston Thursday evening, full of wonder and peace.

These pictures are somewhat unrelated to today’s theme but this was what I prepared for my late lunch yesterday. Nori rolls with black quinoa, Tempe coated in tumeric (such a great anti-oxidant + anti-inflammatory) and coconut oil, raw avocado, cucumber and mushrooms, little squeeze of lime and some tahini for extra flavour. I’m still refining the technique of rolling them artfully.