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Ok so I feel a little of course this morning because I didn’t get a chance to journal (blog) my experiences yesterday. It really is such a key part of any exploration/transformation that time to reflect on the new habit or practice and how it made you feel.
To pick up where my last post left off – Wednesday evening I attended a beautiful gathering of like-minded people (only one of which I knew) at a potluck dinner. It was such a lovely evening and since we all had similar taste in food the spread of raw vegan cuisine was overwhelmingly exciting. As Martine suggested in a practice at the beginning of the week when she suspected some of us were ‘accidentally cheating’ a pose, we don’t often sit down to eat for example and intentionally say to ourselves “I’m going to overeat now” nor do we collapse into our lower back in plank position because it feels good. Well, when a feast of healthy delights lies ahead of you it’s quite hard to stay on course with a detox (4 people brought vegan sugar-free ice-cream for crying out loud!) even though I knew it would affect the following mornings practice (and I knew we would be doing inversions) I just couldn’t resist sampling far too many of the treats on offer. All of which were technically healthy but one of my goals for the week was to control quantities and especially to eat lighter in the evening. I also didn’t make my 9.30pm call time to bed.

So day 4 we did a fun inversion class, partnered up to assist each other in several attempts at handstand, I loved it. Turning the body upside down is such a great way to wake it up and reset a few systems, bringing fresh blood and therefore oxygen to the upper organs (especially the brain). For homework we are to create a donation box, filling it with things from around our home that we don’t need, things that currently are just filling our lives with stuff. I will be right onto that after writing as I didn’t make it home yesterday until after that bed call time again.

I certainly could have slept more this morning but I love this routine of early rising I’m establishing so much that I happily made my way to the studio with the sun again. We did a beautifully restorative yin practice today which was perfect after a couple of days with less sleep and too much eats. It’s not as energising as other sequences but wonderfully grounding and helped me return to my centre after swaying a little from it the last day and a half.
Today’s homework is to choose the next book I’m going to read, I didn’t have to set this shot up this pile has been sitting next to my bed for a few months longing to be explored. I’m halfway through ‘Eating Animals’ and I pick up ‘Eastern Body Western Mind’ for inspiration in my class planning but most of the others have hardly been touched. So metaphorically rolling a dice I’m going to say… ‘The Optimum Nutrition Bible’ is up next.