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You can guess by the fact that this post and the last were an amalgamation of 2 days each that life sped up toward the end of the week for me. Not ideal for a week dedicated to detoxing (slowing down and simplifying) but being new to teaching I have to take work as it pops up so the last couple of days have been full of yoga practice – either my own or a class I’ve led. 

Unfortunately I missed the class with Martine yesterday and I’m sure it was a goodie as the sequence was a combination of everything we’d built throughout the week. The homework was to incorporate a siesta, and maybe a massage, into your day. Doesn’t that sound like the most delightful homework you’ve ever been given?! I took an epsom salt bath at the end of a long day and fell into bed happily exhausted, we compromise as best we can.

In todays class with Martine we worked backwards through the week – pranayama, backbends, inversions, core, twists, bringing the energy back down with a beautiful yoga nidra and seated meditation. I felt perfectly open, free and peaceful by the end of those 2 hrs (and still do). Homework is an extra dose of siesta and/or massage – I’m afraid they don’t fit into my day again though the yoga nidra is as good if not better than a siesta and I did get a glorious 20 mins in the sunshine of hyde park to eat a salad I prepared earlier.

If I had to take just one thing from this week it would be space, like many things its obvious and already known but our over-complicated brains sometimes require a little reminder, allowing space around anything gives opportunity for growth, evolution, transformation and most of all clarity. Next time you get a craving for something try closing your eyes for a few minutes and just focus on your breath, then ask yourself if you still need it.

If I could take one more thing it would be the importance of daily, if not constant, practice. Practice doesn’t make perfect but it certainly gets you a lot closer than fragmentary attempts.