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It’s the current mantra of Vie Active and I really resonate with it. We all know how good we feel after a work-out, a walk, even just a bit of a stretch.
I attended a special #moveyourbodyloveyourbody event this week hosted by vie active at the fantastic Barre Body, Bondi Junction. Emma Seibold, Barre Body’s founder, is such a perfect example of this lifestyle – the picture of health, light-hearted, kind, caring and super motivated. She led us through a 1 hour barre body/cardio routine and had our major and minor muscles burning with joy. To reward their guests even further, the lovely ladies of Vie Active sent us home with a bag of wellness treats, I’ve consumed about 70% of them already.
If a new item of activewear is inspiration for moving your body then it’s money well spent and there are so many great brands around at the moment. I’m leading some free yoga classes at the Fivemore pop-up store in Paddington over the next few weeks, it’s just a fun way to move your body a little and shop some great stretchy threads while you’re there.