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I am a passionate health nut.

I haven’t always been.

The further I travel down the yogi path the more aware I become of cause & effect, in every aspect of life. I also know that even with our best intentions in place we all need a little reminder from time to time keeping us on track to live life as our best version of ourselves. Hence I prescribe to a lifestyle based on the Sexy Fit Nutrition Program. It was founded by my beautiful friend, Carmen Marshall, and is really a unique program in terms of it’s holistic* approach to optimum health & wellness.

Below are my TOP 10 benefits of the program.

1. Community, accountability, and support: Research tells us that we’re way more likely to stick with our health and weight-loss goals if we’re doing it with other people. Between our online community, email support, social media, and other fun surprises along the way, you’ll have the group cheering you on and making sure you stick with the program (and enjoy it) the whole time!

2. Reduce inflammation: The leading cause of disease in the body is inflammation. During the Nutrition Challenge you’ll decrease inflammation in your body through low glycemic eating, supplementation, and exercise. Your body will be so grateful and you’ll feel and look amazing as a result.

3. Sleep like a wee babe: When you stop spiking your blood sugar, your hormones become stabilized. And guess what? You sleep more soundly. You feel better rested throughout the day. And better sleep means your life gets WAY better while you’re awake!

4. More energy: Guess what? When you stop spiking your blood sugar, your hormones are balanced, and you’re sleeping great, you feel like a super hero. Yep, you will have WAY more energy than you ever even knew was possible as you transform your lifestyle with the Nutrition Challenge.

5. Clearer skin: Inflammation causes skin irritation like eczema, rosacea, acne, and uneven skin tone. When you even out your blood sugar you decrease inflammation and you’ll get the unmistakable beautiful glow of health from the inside out.

6. Lose belly fat: Spiking your blood sugar causes insulin to be released, which causes fat to be stored around your belly. Ever heard of a muffin top or a spare tire? That’s caused by blood sugar spikes from refined carbohydrates and excess sugar. This challenge is designed to cut that right out. As you even out your blood sugar, belly fat will begin to melt away automatically without you having to count calories, obsess about portions, cut out entire food groups, or spend hours at the gym. YES!

7. Your jeans will fit like a dream: Guess what happens when you lose fat and your body composition begins to change? Your clothes fit better. Not to mention the fact that you look (and feel) better even without your clothes. Wouldn’t it be nice to fit into your smallest jeans without having to suck your tummy in to button them? Think how awesome it would feel to sit down in your jeans without your belly rolling over the top of them. That can happen. The Nutrition Challenge will help you.

8. You won’t have to think as much: The Nutrition Challenge is all laid out for you. The program is simple and clear. You won’t have to think very much about what to eat, what to buy at the grocery store, and how to prepare meals. Learn a few basic principles and then all of your food decisions are taken care of from there. You can use the time and energy saved to focus on bigger decisions that are worth your attention.

9. Save money: Redirecting your spending away from meals out and pricey convenience foods will save you money. The USANA Foods and supplements will not only be easy on your waistline and cells, they’ll be easy on your wallet. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day you can take our award-winning multi-vitamin and feel at peace knowing that your cells are getting the nutrients they need for prevention and daily optimal health. Plus, the USANA Foods cost waaaay less than lunch out or packaged snacks on the go.

10. Save time: Your time is precious. We get that. Spending hours in the gym trying to lose weight, grocery shopping for special cleanses, and other nutrition programs or diets take a lot of time (not to mention energy!) The Nutrition Challenge is designed to simplify your life. It’s designed to save you time so that you can put your energy on things like enjoying your amazing life with your renewed health and energy (and your lean, sexy body!)

And a final BONUS reason: To make this year the year you LOOK and FEEL the best you’ve ever felt…and to put the lifestyle habits in place to keep it going sustainably forever…and never look back.

Ready to be a walking billboard of health? Ready to commit to being the healthiest, HOTTEST you in the new year?

Registration for the next group challenge is open. Click HERE to register now. For further details, visit my site or send me through any questions here.

Here’s to taking care of YOU.
Fall in Love with being Fit. Fall in love with YOU!



adjective: holistic
characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.