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I was just riding my bike to the farmers market as I often do on Wednesdays and/or Fridays, all excited thinking about what delights I might like today. I wondered if everyone gets as excited as I do over such simple pleasures…I decided probably not everyone but I do have a few friends that share this fresh produce enthusiasm and in my head it makes perfect sense.

We all have some sort of relationship with food – good, bad, ugly, at times tumultuous, it’s pretty much the most regular activity we partake in after breathing and getting about on limbs.

Images of healthy, nutrient packed bowls fill my social media feeds to the point that in some (most) cases I know far more intimately what each person eats before I even know what that said person looks or sounds like. It’s an interesting, but not surprising to me, phenomenon of our generation. A mostly positive one I believe – I’m still friends with a few people that don’t share my enthusiasm for macro nutrients and they don’t tend to post pics of their favourite white bread, their morning bowl of coco pops or their 16th vodka lime and soda. It’s mostly the new wave of awakened beings that share their meals pictorially, the message behind the meal being ‘I’m happy to be alive’.

(I may cop a bit of flack for that awakened comment but when you consider that what we put into our temples literally makes up our cells there has to be a bit of a mind body connection to eat well and get excited about it. In simple terms when we eat vibrant foods we feel more alive and switched on, period.)

It’s like our ability to communicate well in relationships, at least 3 times a day (more like 5-6 for me) we communicate with our bodies and the conversation comes from either a place of love and respect or some other emotion, convenience being the most common form of numbing these channels of communication.

I was discussing with my sister some rather unpleasant sounds I heard on a recent trip to Bali, I think my neighbours may have been preparing a pig for a holy celebration and I know from some rather horrific footage I’ve seen that it can be a lengthy and bloody task. I told her if it was like what I’d seen they hang the animal up by the feet, cut its throat and then let it wreathe around in agony as it bleeds out which can take many hours. She turned her nose at the thought and declared she never liked pork much anyway, I said well that’s how most commercial beef is prepared for our consumption too. That was the end of our conversation.

I haven’t been vegan for too long but I haven’t consumed animal flesh for a long time either, without thinking too much about it I have always had an innate sense that what we eat we become and therefore why would we want to become stressed, pained, dis-eased?

I’ve caught myself off guard again, I started this post as an expression of my joy in collecting a bounty of natures gifts from as close to the source as realistically possible and it took me down a darker path. Though I did put the word ‘serious’ in the title before I wrote the piece.

Food for thought, take it or leave it. 

Here is what has been making me feel dynamically alive lately: