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Having a small amount of knowledge of Ayurveda from my yoga teacher training and then some self study, I forgot how this ancient science of life could sound a bit like Chinese (or Sanskrit) to some people. Thankfully the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre at Bondi Junction offers a monthly introduction to Ayurveda evening.

The founder of the clinic, Rita Sagrani, shares her experience of coming back to optimal health by returning to ayurvedic methods. The doctors then take us through the foundations of this natural and very elemental method. The evening also includes a taste of ayurvedic cuisine and the best chai you’ve ever tasted (Rita’s grandmothers recipe).

Rita, Dr Rafeena and Dr Vishal.

It’s always fun to see people identifying their dominant dosha (constitution) and discovering ways to balance it, it can be a bit of a light switch moment. Ayurveda aims to bring us as close as possible to an equilibrium of Vata (air + space), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth + water). This is achieved through lifestyle practises, diet, treatments and ayurvedic herbs.

Although this is an ancient Indian medicine that dates back thousands of years it’s yet to have been widely embraced in the western world. As such, the clinic is like nothing else I’ve visited here in Australia. The exterior is very unassuming but inside Rita has created a sanctuary that takes you miles from the bussle of Bondi Junction.


One of the treatment rooms.

As we are want to do, the human psyche loves to over complicate things and the idea of deep relaxation as the most effective method of healing may seem too easy, it could take a bit of self convincing and conscious slowing down to embrace the idea.

When I asked my therapist what the benefits of the shirodhara treatment I was about to have were she gave me a few broad words, her reluctance to say too much suggested it was something to be felt rather than described. After 1 hour of Abyhanga (oil massage with specific oils to balance your doshas) I thought I was about as relaxed as a little yogi could be but 20 mins into the shirodhara (a continuous stream of oils to the forehead) I was like a marshmallow floating in a hot chocolate. Words just can’t do justice to the level of unwinding you reach.


Thank goodness the centre has a beautiful meditation room they ask you to spend 20-30 mins in after your treatment (happily!) because it’s hard to step back out into the ‘real’ world. If possible try to keep your schedule clear after your visit as the benefits increase the longer you can stay in slow mode.

Little offerings abound, it’s all in the details.

The next intro evening is on October 17, call (02) 9389 2581 to secure a place as they do book out.

Meeting the doctors after the talk.