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In recent years I’ve come to the conclusion that the greatest form of wealth is that of good health (probably wasn’t my thinking about a decade ago but years equal wisdom). So in order to be organically wealthy I believe one should be optimally healthy. That is to say not just void of symptoms of dis-ease or even just getting by but abundant in energy, with glowing skin and hair, sparkly eyes, a strong and lean body, sleeping well, fulfilled at every level even under the current demands of our modern lifestyles.

If we lived back in the 1900s before soils were over farmed and depleted of most nutrients, ate lots of plant based foods and had minimal stress (ha!) we MIGHT be getting sufficient nutrition but it’s just not the case these days.
When I asked a great friend, and nutritional medicine graduate, whose opinion I value and respect highly her thoughts on the topic she said that when there’s a deficiency you supplement… That’s one opinion, shared by many I’m sure, it’s not mine.

We don’t wait until we’re nutrient deficient to eat (macro nutrients) so why wait until we have a deficiency to supplement (micro nutrients)? As I mentioned in the opening paragraph I’m not talking about just surviving I’m focused on feeling amazing until the day I leave this earth.


Over the years when I’ve occasionally thought about adding vitamins to my diet my opinion has wavered mostly due to NOT knowing the facts and also not being able to put a value on benefits that aren’t immediately tangible. Micro nutrients are like health insurance, they reduce inflammation in the body which lowers our risk of chronic diseases drastically, so it does require a certain faith that they are doing their job on the prevention end of the scale. Having said that there are now some amazing therapies available that have successfully treated disease with massive doses of vitamins, such as the Gerson therapy that local wellness warrior Jess Ainscough undertook whilst battling cancer. I found the documentary Food Matters really insightful on this topic.

There but for the grace of God go I, my main health concerns right now are anti-ageing and energy to burn.

When I made a dear friend of Carmen Marshall in May 2013 I was inspired to be as healthy, happy and abundant as she is 10+ years my senior. Seriously this woman looks younger everyday! I wanted to know her secrets and being the beautiful soul she is she was more than happy to share them. Carmen has been taking the *highest ranking supplements on the market for over 14 years now! I wanted a piece of that pie. I find that the recommendation of a trusted friend is worth it’s weight in gold but the scientific and third party backing that Usana attracts, as well as the professional history of it’s founder Dr Myron Wentz, is the perfect 2nd opinion for me.

I’ve been taking Usana’s essentials as well as a few optimisers since January, 2014. I trust that at this point in time they are the best available in the world and contribute to my current health condition – increasingly great!


You can check out Usana’s product line here and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

I completely encourage everyone to do their own research and most importantly trust their own instincts, combining facts and feeling is the BEST remedy around.

Be well, live well, optimal health and organic wealth is yours for the taking.


*as ranked by NutriSearch in the Comparative Guide to nutritional Supplements by Lyle MacWilliam, MSc, FP.