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We know that beauty is so much deeper than the skin – on an energetic level we can recognise that a person who is truly impassioned, kind, and at peace within themselves radiates, they emit a glow that no-one can bottle.

On the cellular level there are many ways we can nourish ourself to increase our beauty from a deeply physical level. Yin yoga is one. Here’s my pick of 5 poses to deeply nourish and beautify you, these are my anti-ageing secrets. Hold for 3-5 mins each. 


Dangling Yoga Pose

This pose is like an instant yogi facial with the fresh rush of blood to your face, it’s also a beautiful way to decompress the spine and have you walk taller. Keep a bend in the knees if the back or legs are tight. 


Butterfly Yoga Pose

This is literally the first thing I do everyday, it prepares me for meditation with a sweet release of the spine and is a wonderful shape to stimulate the kidney meridian (our source of vital energy!) 


Dragonfly Yoga Pose

After the kidneys, it’s great to nurture the liver, this pose stimulates that meridian, the liver is so closely related to the health of our skin because of it’s role in detoxification.


Seated Twist Yoga Pose

This pose is a nice little kick start for the digestive organs and more importantly releasing the spine will add a confidence to your posture that’s very becoming. 


Meditation Pose

Spending time in stillness and self reflection is essential to our depths of beauty, when we practice acceptance and presence, every moment is attractive. Add some deep slow breathing for extra sparkly cells. 

The yin yoga practice nourishes the fascia of the body (the connective tissues deeper and denser than muscles) ligaments, tendons, joints. 

From a scientific point of view it’s interesting to note that fascia’s main protein is collagen, which can be supported by the vitamin most essential to it – vitamin C, and it can also be nourished by making shapes with the body that either pull on or pressurise an area. 

Yin poses are typically held for 3-5 mins or longer as the deeper tissues of the body do not respond to rhythmic repetitive movement the way that muscles do. This is due to the water content – muscles being made up of 75% water while fascia is around 6%. Fascia responds to gentle pressure over long periods of time. Stimulating the body’s natural repair response as the practitioner exits a pose, fresh fluid moves through the site of pressure flushing out and nourishing the area. Yin yoga is truly an anti-ageing miracle. 

I also find in myself and my students that the more committed to our yoga practice we become the better our lifestyle choices, it’s a natural gravitation toward an anti-inflammatory lifestyle as we become more attune to our body. Eating more raw foods, less stimulants, engaging in activities that nourish us on a deeper level than just the physical, listening to internal feedback when something is out of balance. All factors that contribute to our radiance and vitality.

The below variation can be added to any posture for instant beauty – simply turn up the corners of your mouth.

Maryanne Smile

I first wrote this piece for Beautiful Because – an online hub of all things natural, non-toxic and beauty related. My dear friend and talented make-up artist Emmily Banks gave me a once over with her natural brushes and took the images featured above, she has a wonderful brand – Depths of Beauty, which is so aligned with my own beliefs.