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In honour of Natural Beauty Week I turned to make-up artist and expert on all things non-toxic – EMMILY BANKS for her best tips on raw beauty and organic wealth. Em has an incredible business and passion that she champions under the brand ‘Depths of Beauty‘.


This natural beauty has some super exciting projects on the cards, she’s on a mission to inspire EVERYONE to make the switch to natural, non-toxic & cruelty free cosmetics, and I’m SO on that bandwagon!!  




What makes you organically wealthy?


Everything in my life. I live in the most beautiful city in the world with the most spectacular beach on my doorstep. I have access to clean water and healthy organic produce that nourishes my body and mind to keep me healthy and strong. I have a loving family, a beautiful partner and incredibly supportive and inspiring friends. I am also SO grateful to be living out my dreams and passions daily. How amazing is life!? 


You’re passionate about educating and empowering women to view optimal health as the benchmark of beauty, tell us a little about your healthcare routine. (Food, exercise, mindset).


First and foremost, a healthy mind is EVERYTHING, in my opinion. Only when I have positive “self-lovin” thoughts, do I feel inspired to then eat well and exercise. I prioritise “me” time daily to just sit, stop and reflect on how I am feeling and how I want to feel.. I make sure I get out into nature as often as possible – usually a run to the beach makes me feel balanced and well. 

What makes you feel beautiful? 


 I do. I make the choice to practise self love and nurture my body, mind and soul which ultimately inspires me to eat and drink healthy organic foods and exercise to keep physically fit and strong which makes me feel beautiful. I also love to bask in the sun and swim in the ocean to keep me feeling radiant, alive and beautiful! There’s also nothing like that healthy flush of colour I get after a vitamin D session (sun bake) at the beach, swim in the ocean and run along the coast. 


Your top 3 natur93fZqwUUzClLr_d0pje-CMgrTnMj4Mkzwi3-d1PNJL4al beauty tips/products…


1. My number one beauty tip is “Wear Less, More Often”.. try to love the skin you’re in, let it breathe and embrace your face!


2. Oils oils oils.. to moisturise, cleanse, hydrate, nourish and heal – there’s really nothing more amazing for our skin than natural organic oils like Jojoba, Macadamia, Rosehip, Tamanu, Olive Oil, Coconut oil..the list could go on. 


3. Make the most out of the products you have (when you transition to natural) – use a bronzer as an eyeshadow, lipstick or lipbalm as a cream blush and oil as a highlighter.. I do this ALL the time! We don’t always need to buy several different products for several different areas of the face! You will find that a lot of products ingredients and consistencies are VERY similar, its just been marketed differently to increase consumerism. Think outside the box – use less, consume less, waste less. 


Eating for beauty… 


Beauty really does start from within! I think eating for beauty is actually pretty simple – cut the processed and refined “food” and instead eat organic whole-foods as often as possible and drink plenty of fluids! The vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants found in natural foods from the earth is abundant, and I think thats all we really need to keep our bodies healthy and well, resulting in glowing, radiant skin, white teeth and sparkling clear eyes 😉 
I personally drink several (or what seems like it!) litres of hydrating fluids daily, from cold presses organic juices, kombucha, coconut water and herbal tea. I also eat loads of plant based foods along with healthy fats – avo’s and nuts are my favourite. Beauty food at its best!


Your perfect Sunday…
I’m grateful to have a “perfect Sunday” pretty much every day of the week! As long as it involves exercise, a sunbake in my front yard (the beach) and a dip in the ocean, everything else is a bonus. Spending time with my partner and friends, cooking and eating delicious is always very high on the priority list too.