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Mornings are sacred to me, especially if I’m up before the sun (which is most days) – the dawn and dusk hours hold that precious potential of space between, not day nor night. 

I’m a big fan of morning rituals and I have both an express version plus my ideal start when time permits. I realise both of these may seem impossible to some, especially young parents, as with everything you just do what you can right? 

Pretty much as soon as my eyes crack I’m up (not a disciple of the snooze button my friends) to tongue scrape and brush my teeth, this is an ayurvedic ritual that’s important in removing toxins that build up in the mouth overnight. It’s best done before anything is ingested, even water. 


Then I make some tea (currently loving Mayde tea organic sencha with jasmine and rose petals) and a big glass of water or 2. The copper drinking vessel is also an ayurvedic tip, the copper adds extra minerals to my reverse osmosis, remineralised with a tiny pinch of fine pink himalayan sea salt, 40 mins on an energiser board, water. I’m not even kidding. 


I like to set a little intention or commitment for the day, it’s usually the same one and I find lighting a candle or incense is a good time to say it out loud. 


In between sips of tea I do a few yin yoga poses. Morning is best for yin before the muscles get warm from movement. If I’m pressed for time I just do butterfly pose which feels like a treat after the position of the body sleeping and it’s a great way to gently awaken the body because it stimulates the kidneys. This morning because it’s my day off I did: Butterfly, Dragonfly, Saddle & a reclining twist. 


I find the yin poses prepare me well to sit for 20 minutes of meditation (I currently practice a vedic method). This is a non-negotiable, even if there’s no time for yin poses or tea this happens every day, twice a day in fact. You can meditate anywhere, I like this little spot at the end of my bed. 


Then something light to eat – today it was sprouted grain bread with nut butter and sauerkraut. A smoothie or chia pudding is a nice easy start for the digestive system too. A big meal is not ideal until later, 10am-2pm in ayurveda is a good time to eat your main meal when Pitta dosha is dominant and the agni (digestive fire) strong. 


With a little time to digest, ideally 30-60 mins, I’m ready to do a vinyasa practice or some sort of heating, muscular movement. I’m often teaching early so I do my own practice at the studio before students arrive. Today on my day off I leave this and will do a dance class in the evening just to mix it up. 

I’d love to hear from you my sweet readers if you have any of the same rituals or something else you love to do to set the tone for your day.