We started a little rocky, my heart was raw and yet you promised healing so I trusted and put one foot in front of the other. You delivered and then raised the bar. Thank you.

You gave me understanding of soul contracts – a coming together and possible falling apart that expands and teaches and sheds light. Thank you.  

You gave me SO many beautiful spaces and places to teach in and explore my own learnings, you called me to presence in profound ways. Thank you.

Prior to this year I’d never attended a yoga “retreat”. I’ve now hosted several, attended 2 (including 1 in silence) and contributed to 1 for teacher trainees. All an absolute privilege.

We travelled, played and healed through Cali together, just me and you.

I felt held by my soul family daily at Flow Athletic and as we played across states with Flow After Dark. Melbourne was particularly memorable team bonding.

My teacher, Idit, and my Sukha Mukha tribe softened my heart in ways they may never know. Thank you. 

You gave my friendships depth I didn’t know possible, wouldn’t have known possible, were it not for that rocky start. Halcyon House with my darling Katie was a bitter but mostly sweet bundle of moments. Tallows Beach in silence with my beloved Lon was truly luminous and recalibrating. Beck was (is) my guardian angel and continues to astound me with how we carry each other. Rita & Han, thank goodness we found each other! 

My incredible sister brought Grace into the world – literally! This bundle of pure spirit exit Amy and changed our lives forever. I continue to know love new again everytime I’m with her. Witnessing the light she has brought to my parents hearts is divine. 

2016 you broke me, healed me, humbled and inspired me, held me, showed and propelled me.

Thank you.


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