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We are bodies of water.

Bodies of water evaporate when they warm up, the vapour rises into the atmosphere and via rain returns to the earth or the ocean, reappearing as drinking water or nourishing the soil our food grows from. 

When we take our final breath our bodies will be gifted to the earth and again follow that cycle of reappearing as something else.


Nothing is ever gone it just takes new form. 

We experience loss, it’s an innate aspect of our human experience. Usually where we experience a loss we temporarily host a void, an emptiness or as I prefer to frame it – potential space. 

Since we are crafted of the same elements, the same minerals as oceans and stars, we are subject to the same laws. Nothing is ever lost, it is simply recycled. 

This has two aspects to it for me. One that the potential space will ultimately be filled again with some other form and two that anything we once experienced is still a part of us. Every person we’ve met, every conversation we’ve had, every first kiss and swim in the ocean, every devastating loss has woven itself into the tapestry of our selves. Some integrated, some in the process of, some as a weight or block willing to be moved. 

Just as we digest our food, extracting the nutritive essence and releasing the rest, we extract meaning (whether consciously or not) from a moment and the experience goes. 

We are encoded with the sum total of all we’ve been through and we are continually morphing into new versions of the original.   

This gives me solace when I feel like I’ve been through something that didn’t lead to where I thought it would, when I’m disappointed, when I’m heartbroken, when I feel something of immense beauty.

Nothing is lost.  

_DSC1298.jpgImages of me by Alicia Hetherington.