Maryanne_Tender Grit-66

Always, all ways, we are being presented with choices. 

Say the thing you’re feeling, ask for support, admit you made a mistake, do something daring. 

Or not.

Not so black and white though, particularly on the things that really matter. We have to weigh our options, calculate the possible gains and losses. Lean into our intuition, listen to the spaces between our thoughts. Often with little time between stimulus and response. 

The risk of living in a way that honours both our softness and our courage is we may get hurt. 

The risk of not honouring those deeply human traits is we may get hurt. 

One from the outside in and the other from the inside out. 

We are going to get hurt, it’s already encoded in you when you arrive earth side. What we are navigating is do we get hurt in the pursuit of a full, rich, every flavour of the menu, human experience? Or do we get hurt by denying that? 

When you attend a yoga class you practice. You practice yoking, integrating all the parts of yourself that may be in conflict so you can ideally find more commonality between yourself and all living beings. On the mat you absorb the game plan, in the world you put it into action. 

We even practice that earthly finale in yoga every time we do savasana – corpse pose. Letting go into the currents of our form while softening the identification with said form. For some this is the hardest asana of the class, letting go into feeling. 

It’s risky to carry all our unfelt feelings around, offloading them onto others because it’s too much to bear. Feeling can be overwhelming, sticky, confusing, stressful but it’s the willingness to feel what’s here that widens us into wakefulness. 

The key is to make yourself hollow, that this feeling is welcome but it’s also dynamic and will work its way through as you let it. Let it drain from your legs, your toes, your fingertips, cleanse it in the sea, offer it up. 

When you practice savasana you test the waters of your impermanence, you sense that at some point completely hollow you return home. Knowing that you won’t want to miss all the flavours of living. You won’t curate your feelings. You can curate their expression but you can also mess it up and still live.

I dare you.