You gave me the deepest connection I’ve had with the ocean. It’s been my saviour this year and the ultimate wealth to be able to wander down to the seaside, barefoot each day and open my heart to her majesty.


I’ve cried loads (maybe even more than last year), somehow it feels like a recycling process. I swim in her waters, soak them up and gift them back one tear at a time.
No pity please, I adore crying and feeling it all. I’ll cry for any of you if you let me know what’s up.

I cuddled many a sandstone cave and boulder, their grit the perfect balance to the waters softness.

The year started in Bali, immersed in what truly lights me up – my studies of yoga through the lense of Embodied Flow.

I had the privilege to assist both my teachers visits to Sydney, Scott in March, Tara in November.

I also did further study with Sarah Powers and Jasmine Tarkeshi, both true teachers and women I feel honoured to sit with.


I led some retreats at truly exquisite locations, the week long winter cocoon of the Blue Mountains was so perfectly timed to hold us inward, the spring equinox at Shoal Bay was the perfect transition into lightnessimg_1804


I moved into a new apartment, with a winning flatmate, ironically the smallest room I’ve ever lived in and my favourite home.

I shaved my head, well I had my queens shave it, just one of several slightly insane moments I’ve shared with them this year. Thank goodness for girlfriends!


I didn’t take much time off this year, apart from studying, because I’m so passionate about this thing I get to call “work”. This yoga that is my own daily work, sharing it and learning from others and sharing again.



Thank you anyone that attended a class, workshop, retreat, you allow me to do what I truly love.

There were many beautiful moments playing with my young nieces and family. 

2019 you were insightful, all heart. Timid we began one foot in front of the other and quietly it opened wide, you rinsed it clean this knot inside my chest.

I’m looking ahead to adventure and play, plenty of tears and heart too.

I’ll leave you with some words from a book that carried me this year – “Things that join the sea and the sky”, by Mark Nepo.

“For anything is possible when we let the heart be our skin. The point is to feel whatever comes our way, not conclude it out of it’s aliveness. The unnerving blessing about being alive is that it can change us forever. I keep discovering that everyone is loveable, magnificent, and flawed.”



Maryanne x Bronte!