Being organically wealthy is about defining our essentials, and some, from exactly where we stand.

Realising that our ultimate riches are within our reach, both spiritually and financially. When we realise our abundance within we attract abundance, the same way we attract love when we become love.

Isn’t it crazy how simple this universal law is and how many hours or years we waste trying to get something we already have?!

Detrimental to our own success is service – when we can begin to view every opportunity/relationship/moment as a chance to give we see that it’s possible because we already have everything we need.

We attract other people who are equally fulfilled and receive the gifts they bring.

It’s a matter of trust too, trusting that the universe vibrates in our favour, that it’s all worked out by something infinitely bigger than ourselves, welcoming each and every vibration with open hands and minds.
So when you ask yourself, really ask “where do I want to be in 5 years?”, do you get a glimpse that you might be a lot closer than you thought? You are!

Organically Wealthy is about connection, tribe, health, love and creating your best life.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Maryanne.

    How are you? Thanks for sharing your latest blog posts. I hope you are keeping well. Hope to see you soon.

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